Yes! We will be organising hosting for this event!

We will be contacting those who have places confirmed, in July, to check who is able to host and who is looking for hosting. While we will try to host as many guests as we can, we will be limited by the number of volunteer hosts we have – Edinburgh flats can be small. Hosting will be offered by default for the nights of the exchange only (Please don’t assume hosting for more nights).

Edinburgh dancers we need you!

Some dancers who are coming to ELX will only be able to come if they are hosted. Can you offer a spare bed, sofa or floorboard? Guests don’t need much, a hot shower and a cup of tea. They can bring their own sleeping bags etc. if required. Most will arrive on the Friday and leave either on the Sunday evening or Monday morning. Hosting is a fantastic way to meet new friends who have a common interest in dancing.

Edinburgh Lindy Exchange would like to say a huge thank you to anyone who is able to offer hosting!