More bands to be announced!

Hot Swing Sextet

Hot Swing Sextet invites you to go back in time for a trip into the frenetic atmosphere of the 1930s jazz clubs. Between Paris and Harlem, from Django Reinhart to Duke Ellington, via Louis Armstrong, the Hot Swing Sextet has organised a tailor-made trip for you. Direction: Swing.

Swing, sway, and good humour are on the menu with this energetic group. Let the party begin with the Hot Swing Sextet!

Hot Swing Sextet will be playing on Friday and Saturday night at ELX 2024.

Photo by Joanna Ramasawmy

Castle Rock Jazz Band

The Castle Rock Jazz Band are in the business of serving up hot swing music, played by dancers for dancers. They draw influence from the great jazz artists and orchestras of the Swing era, while their dancing experience ensures that the floor will be kept full all night. When they’re not on the stage, they’re busy jamming, working out new arrangements and throwing down on dance floors in Edinburgh and beyond!

Castle Rock Jazz Band will be playing on Sunday night at ELX 2024.

Nicole Smit and Jed Potts

After having worked together in various projects throughout the years, including several seasons of the ‘Blues!’ shows with the Blueswater at the Edinburgh Fringe, Jed Potts (Jed Potts & The Hillman Hunters) and Nicole Cassandra Smit (Nicole & The Backup Crew), are now teaming up to deliver a duo of banter and music to their ever-growing audience. Expect a blend of blues, harmonies, and soulful vibes with a hint of country thrown in.

Nicole and Jed will be playing at the blues after party on Saturday night at ELX 2024.