Live music jam

For the first time this year, we are excited to introduce our live music session! Join local jazz collective, Reekie Rhythm Rendezvous, early Sunday afternoon for the chance to play some live music with local dancers.

The session will be a mix of formats:

  • Jam session, where the group will decide in the moment which songs to play and who will play them
  • Showcase for Reekie Rhythm Rendezvous, a collective of local dancers who informally get together to play jazz music.

Bring your own instrument, sing, or sit in on drums or keys.

Reekie Rhythm Rendezvous will share a shortlist of songs in advance. However, on the day, if there is anything you would like to play, please speak to Mitch or Rob (organisers of Reekie Rhythm Rendezvous).

If you would like to register interest in this part of the event, you can do so through a Google Form which will be shared nearer the event. Note that filling in the form does not commit you to playing, but does allow organisers an idea of who might be involved.

Musicians from Reekie Rhythm Rendezvous