• ELX2019 – The Event

    What passes are available for ELX2019 and what do they include?

    Full Party PassFull Party Pass +
    Sunday Dinner/
    Pub Quiz
    Saturday Night PassNo Pass
    BOOKINGS OPENSOLD OUTSOLD OUT9th July 2019, 6pmn/a
    ELX2019 Welcome Party🗶🗶
    Friday After Party🗶🗶
    Shag & Balboa Brunch🗶🗶
    Lindy Hop Beginners Taster
    Outside dancing at The Mound
    ELX2019 Ball🗶
    Blues After Party🗶
    Tea Dance🗶🗶
    Sunday Dinner and Pub Quiz🗶🗶🗶
    ELX2019 Farewell Party🗶🗶

    What is the Sunday Dinner & Pub Quiz?

    The ELX Sunday Dinner and Pub Quiz is a bonus social event held on Sunday in between the Tea Dance and the Farewell Party. You will join your fellow ELX dancers for a sit down 3-course dinner followed by a team pub quiz. Places are limited so please ensure to include this at your initial registration to avoid disappointment. The additional cost for this bonus event is £18.

    Will there be tickets sold for Saturday Night?

    Yes. Tickets for Saturday Night will go on sale on the 9th July 2019 at 6pm (UK time). This pass entitles you to entry to the Saturday Night Ball and the Blues After Party, both with amazing live bands.

    Will there be tickets sold for other individual events?

    Unfortunately, we cannot sell tickets to other individual events due to venue size limitations. However, the Lindy Hop Taster and Outside Dancing at The Mound on Saturday afternoon are free events for all to join in – even if you have no ELX2019 pass.

    Will there be T-Shirts at ELX2019?

    Yes, there will be T-Shirts sold for ELX2019. These will go on sale in July. Further information to follow.

  • Registration

    How does the registration work?

    Registrations for Full Party Pass and Full Party Pass with Sunday Dinner/Pub Quiz will open at 2pm (BST) on 28 April 2019, via DanceCloud. Payment must be made via DanceCloud at point of sale in order to secure your place.

    DanceCloud automatically balances leads and follows so that we have a good ratio of both roles for social dancing. If there is an imbalance of roles, you will be placed on a waiting list until dancers of the opposite role register, at which point you will be notified that your ticket has been released to you. You must then make payment within the set timeframe provided in the DanceCloud communication, in order to secure your place. Non-payment within this timescale means that your ticket will be released to the next dancer in the queue and you will be moved to the end of the queue.

    What if I dance switch roles?

    Unfortunately we cannot process switch tickets for this event. If you like to dance switch roles, please choose the dance role that you will predominantly dance at ELX and book that role.

  • Venue

    Where does ELX take place?

    ELX2019 will be taking place around Edinburgh City Centre and the Leith Shore area. All events on Friday and Saturday, apart from the Blues After Party are around the city centre. The Blues After Party and all Sunday events are around the Leith Shore area.

    The Saturday Night Ball and the Blues After Party venues are far apart, how do we get between them?

    ELX have thought of everything and there will be transport organised to take pass holders from The Saturday Ball to the Blues After Party at the end of the Ball. This transport is included in your ticket price. 

  • Hosting & Accommodation

    Where would you advise to book accommodation?

    Edinburgh city centre is fairly small and has a good public transport system that runs all night. Accommodation anywhere central would give good access to the main event venues on Friday and Saturday, by foot. The Blues After Party and Sunday events take place in the Leith Shore area. There is a good bus service that runs between the city centre and The Shore. Buses run through the night.

    Will there be hosting? How does it work?

    Yes, there will be hosting. Although we can’t guarantee we will manage to accommodate everyone that makes a request, we will do our absolute best to arrange hosting for all those that require it. Hosting will be offered for the nights of the event only.

    All those that have registered for ELX from out with Edinburgh will be contacted in July by our hosting coordinator to find out if they have hosting needs. We will also contact our local ELXers to find out who can offer hosting space in their home. The ELX hosting coordinator will then then do their best to match everyone who needs hosting up with a local host. You will receive confirmation of arrangements by email.

    The email address for ELX hosting is hosting@edinburghlindyexchange.co.uk  

  • Cancellations & Refunds

    I can no longer attend, can I cancel my registration and get a refund?

    Unfortunately, tickets are non-refundable. However, you are permitted to sell your pass to another dancer of the same role.

    I can no longer attend, can I sell my pass to another dancer?

    Yes, it is permissible to sell your pass to another dancer of the same role. We suggest you use the Edinburgh Lindy Exchange Facebook page to do this. Please ensure that both seller and buyer email the name and email address of the buyer to us at bookings@edinburghlindyexchange.co.uk once your transaction is complete. This will allow us to update our attendee lists to ensure the new pass holder is allowed to register and enter the event.

    Can I transfer my ticket to another dancer for all or part of the event?

    ELX2019 passes are sold on an individual basis to the registered attendee. It is not permissible to attend some events over the weekend and transfer to another dancer for their entry to other individual events.

    Full Terms and Conditions can be seen here.

  • ELX2019 Contacts

    ELX general enquiries: info@edinburghlindyexchange.co.uk

    Bookings: bookings@edinburghlindyexchange.co.uk

    Hosting: hosting@edinburghlindyexchange.co.uk

    Safer Spaces: careteam@edinburghlindyexchange.co.uk

    Safer Spaces phone number: +44 (0)7543 397425